Are leaks and spoilers good for gaming?

MMGN: Information has allegedly been “leaked” regarding Grand Theft Auto V’s debut trailer, which is set to launch tonight. But is leaked information a good thing? Does it create a media buzz or does it go too far and overhype the game beyond the realms of possibility long before release date, and dashing all hopes of it being able to live up to expectations?

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kojikondokid2182d ago

I think it's bittersweet. For one you have lots of crybabies that learn of a little treat for a game and then just bitch for a year because nothing new or substantial was said since the original unveiling and they get tired of looking at that same picture news story or video for 100 times. But you also have people that appreciate any tiny bit of news and it's good enough. I'm one that likes anything small. Better then nothing.

Wintersun6162182d ago

Story spoilers are worse than cancer.