Building a Battlefield 3 PC: A Console Gamer's Story

GameSpot - Not so long ago, I sat down to play Battlefield 3 for the first time. I was nervous. After all the hype, the anticipation, the promise that this was to be one of the most ambitious and beautiful shooters of all time, it couldn't possibly live up to the hype. I was right. As the game opened up before me, the truth became clear. The teaser trailers I had once coveted were a lie--at least for me, a humble console gamer. As stunning as trailers like the one below were, they all featured footage from the PC version of the game. The Xbox 360 version in front of me was a poor imitation, rendered with all the elegance of a ham-fisted crayon sketch. I knew what I had to do. Something that I had said to myself I would never do again: build a kick-ass gaming PC.

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xgam3rx2450d ago

Lol, i can play bf3 on my laptop but it is so crap ay.
On this website it says bf3 won't be able to run at all but it can :D. http://www.systemrequiremen...

Specs for laptop is 6 gb ram, and a shit nvidia geforce 310m. i5 etc.

ninjahunter2450d ago

I bet a bunch of Console gamers are going to come here to trash talk PC gamers and a bunch of pc gamers are going to come here to trash talk console gamers.

04soldier2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

nope, alot of us Console heathens are having too much fun with the Bf3 on ps3/360 to give a hoot....

hiredhelp2450d ago

Well dont see why.? Even on console the games great its step up from bad company its not cod related despite what some may say. Its looks the niz on all formats enjoy the game.

Crankbrute2450d ago

How much would that build of cost? He dosen't mention a single price throughout the article.

hiredhelp2450d ago

ASROCK Extreame P67 sorry ..

xer02450d ago

I've been using an Intel Core 2 Quad core for almost 3 years... this is the longest I have gone without upgrading my platform, but the time is approaching to upgrade my platform from LGA 775 to LGA 2011.

PCI Express 3.0 and memory up to 64GB is damn good reason.
Especially since my Adobe and web development programs keep eating up the 8GB I have.

hiredhelp2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Save your money get 1155 not new chipset not needed yet. As for adobe just add more ram 16gb should be plenty.

xer02450d ago

There aren't that many socket 1155 boards with PCI Express 3.0 yet.

I guess I'll wait for the dust to settle with the LGA 2011 launch this month... and upgrade early next year?

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The story is too old to be commented.