Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception review (HonestGamers)

Tom Chick writes: "Uncharted 3 is mostly filler without gameplay. It's the modern equivalent of those full motion video games folks made back in the 90s when new CD-ROMs afforded all that storage space. So developers shot video footage, grafted it onto various games (usually puzzle collections), and a genre was born. Who cares whether there was an actual game in there?"

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PirateThom2425d ago

Too late, the game already had a troll review for hits.

xPhearR3dx2425d ago

You're saying it's impossible to hate Uncharted 3?

PirateThom2425d ago

Yes... actually, it's fundamentally everything that is good about gaming.

mandf2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Yes!! An objective reviewer can see that it's a game that excels in all areas. A 4 says it's a below average game. Which it's clearly not. Anyone can review a game but journalism has to have standards and ethics. Gaming journalism is not to that point yet. You can defend it all you want but going against the grain of reviewers as a whole makes the reviewer look petty and childish. Anyone can type on the internet, it doesn't make the site legit or credible. Stop sticking up for people that have no ethics. The game industry evolves so should reviews. I don't like Bioshock at all but doesn't make it a bad game. A score of 4 is a bad game and unplayable.

perfectCarbonara2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Ya know what ? YES !!!

Yes it is impossible to HATE Uncharted if you like games.

You can say it's not all that, or just not your cup of tea but to say you HATE it !

It would mean you hate every single element that makes the game.

And yes my friend, that is impossible.

(lol @ the disagrees)

xPhearR3dx2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

So basically you're all in denial and can't accept the fact that someone else in this world of BILLIONS of people, hates a game you love. I personally know 3 people that HATE, yes downright HATE Uncharted. I've played the first two. Hate the characters, hate the story, hate the multiplayer, hate the gameplay and so on. So no it's not impossible. You're just caught up in your own twisted little fantasy where Uncharted is a god send to gamers and if someone says they hate it, they're either A. Lying. B Never Played It. C. Trolling.


Maybe he is hating on purpose, or maybe he isn't. That's what's funny about the internet. When people see something they don't like, they resort to their own made up conclusions and don't stop to think for one second, maybe that person really does hate what they're talking about. That's not restricted to just video games either, that's movies, music, books, etc. People just don't like hearing someone else hates something they love.

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mandf2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

@ xPhearR3dx

The problem is if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it unless you want to suffer the consequence. To review a game and put it in negative light just to go against the grain is asking for ridicule.

On the internet people go to fan sites just to tick people off. Then they claim to have a right to an opinion. When you open up with negativity you think your right is more important than theirs. If they stand up for there belief their just an upset fanboy. Love to see how you and other negative people treat their family and friends. Just like on this site if an article is about Uncharted and you go and post a negative comment you went looking for a response. Usually not the one you want. If the page is full of people that love something you went there, they didn't ask you to come and ridicule it. So don't get upset when others respond. Your parents teach you that when you're 3. Cause and effect.

Edit by the way people always hate and try to justify it by saying they played when we all know people make up stuff on the internet all the time. Some have played most haven't. For someone that hates Uncharted so much you love to read and talk about it.

Heartnet2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

But dude reviews arnt all about opinion.. u have to judge a game based on the quality of the game and if it will appeal to others..

A whole point of a review is to inform us.. not tell me of his opinion of the game lol.... The graphics alone give it a 4! and the story.. if previous games are to go by.. boosts it up to atleasy a 7 then the rest is gameplay which is solid so.

wsoutlaw872425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

the point of the matter is not if its possible to hate the game but, that even if you hate a game for what ever reason a real journalist has the ability to write a professional review and would not give a game with very little real flaws a 4. A review is not "scale of 1 to 10 how cool i think this game is." Not to mention the overall tone and the nonsense comparisons. The whole thing was whiny like the game did something to him and he couldn't mention anything good with out also adding something bad. He chose to forgo real journalism to over react and complain , and I think we all know why.

NukaCola2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Nitpicking and harsh critiquing can't even justify a 4/10. That is the equivalant of every aspect of this game being a failure. Everything about this review is a blantant lie and although it doesn't read as poorly as AV Club's, it's clear that the guy who wrote this has such a biased immature hatred, that he used no ethics in his mediocre review.

God, are you people reading this? This is a horrible review.

CONS according to HonestGamer:

Sully is too old to be able to climb.

Drake shouldn't be able to kill 20 poeple in one scene.

Drake's fighting is bargain bin compared to Batman.

The game is the same as a QTE motion arcade game from the 80s.

It has setpieces.

When hanging and shooting.) It's exacly like Dark Void which you never played.

There is apparently no exploration (I guess the hidden areas and treasures arent in the fail review)

Elena can come with you now. Which is bad because she should just wait for you to climb around and unlock the door. (WTF How is her coming with you bad?)

Naughty Dog doesn't care about the game, so HG shouldn't care either.

Only 4 chapters don't suck.

Game's all filler, no content, bad.

I can't believe I read that. There is not one thing that feels legit as a con, it's pulling out of it's own butt. I was looking for the "Pistols kill people just like sniper rifles...both do the same thing? How Paste and Copy.."

ipe2425d ago

So u hate everything about it?? Sorry cant accept that. This is pure trolling in finest form.
To me oblivion was overrated, gta 4 was overrated, especially arkham asylum, but ey are still good games which did a lot of things right.
But 4/10? gtfo

Information Minister2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Great! Another fanboy submitting his own rants on N4G.

A 4 is the kind of score you give to a game with broken gameplay, poor graphics and sound, no replay value and borderline unplayable. You only have to play the game for 2 minutes to realize U3 suffers from none of those. This "review" and the one by The AV Club only strengthen the theory that some of the media is biased against Sony.

@ xPhearR3dx: I hated Red Dead Redemption. That doesn't mean I would give it a score of 4/10, ignoring what the game does right and its technical achievements. Because I know that someone might enjoy the aspects that I actualy hated about the game. This guy might even believe his Uncharted 3 review is honest, but it sure as hell isn't professional.

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nix2425d ago

Story quality - "WTF?"
Like this website - "No".

i 'm being honest there,

Christopher2424d ago

The problem with a 4/10 is that it implies that it is broken in some way and needs some major fixes. You may not like how Uncharted plays out, you may not like the characters, but even then, the game plays well, the gameplay is not broken even if you don't like it, and the game is not bug ridden like many other titles that Tom Chick has scored high in the past.

NeloAnjelo2424d ago

@ xPhearR3dx

Play it and see for yourself.

darthv722424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

that people will hate on something to break the normal cycle. Its like, if everything was perfect then there would be no conflict. Yet its human nature to gravitate towards conflict as a means to express ones personal opinion of the situation.

This score could be valid from this persons perspective yet it is the vocal majority of uncharted fans that will see fit to say he is wrong. What they dont realize it that it doesnt matter to him if he is wrong. He got people to fuss and comment and interact with such a situation as simple as saying....he didnt like it.

The game does not deserve this score but it got this score more than likely on the view that he just didnt like it. Why else would over 112 (myself included and counting) try to come in here and either convince him otherwise or take his side? Practically every major game has seen controversy from those with no real desire to play it. Then you have the retaliatory position of the opposition to say otherwise.

Journalism has no standards anymore. Anyone can be a reviewer so long as they have a way of presenting their review as being the one to read. There are a multitude of 9 and 10 reviews that get hardly any notice. Its easier to be the bad guy than fit into the crowd.

I made a point to say when the whole eurogamer thing happened that there will be other scores that will be lower and yet might not get the attention as much as that first "8" did. I was wrong. It looks like a 4 can be just as alerting.

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CrzyFooL2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Tom Chick is legend. I didn't even know he still wrote anywhere. He is well known for hating popular games over the last decade.


His blog:


Optical_Matrix2425d ago

The guys not even funny. Reading his blog just now, he just sounds like a pretentious hater who really, doesn't like videogames as much as he makes out and just hates on whats popular just to make some benial statement.

TBM2425d ago

isn't this the same fool who writes for the syfy network? anyway i hahahahahaha at this waste of time review. 4/10 please get of here with that hahahaha.

humbleopinion2421d ago

Tom Chick is not just a legend, but also a prophet. He even knew in advance that this ridiculous conversation right here in N4G is going to happen (and how badly it reflects on the sad state of some people involved):

"I do wish the reaction was to wonder *why* I didn’t like Deus Ex. it’s often just shorthand to dismiss something else I’ve written. “Oh, he didn’t like Mass Effect 2? Well, he didn’t like Deus Ex either!” That’s just lazy and it ultimately hurts the level of discourse when we talk about videogames. "

Cyrax_872425d ago

I read the the review and he complains because you can't do certain things like you can in Tomb Raider.

News flash: This isn't Tomb Raider, nor is it trying to be.

E2M2425d ago

Just there for the hits rofl, the lowest rating the game has had is an 8 and thats still good. I've never heard of this site and it probably doesnt get many visitors but its achieving that now

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OmegaSlayer2425d ago

People that is so picky hate the World because they have a tiny willy :p

SheenuTheLegend2425d ago


Narutone662425d ago

Sounds like Steve Ballmer was reviewing the game.

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DigitalAnalog2425d ago

**Reads article:

"As a shooter....."

**closes webpage, selected "WTF? & No" respectively.

My suggestion, just repeat the last 2 things I did aside from clicking the article.

hesido2425d ago

Ok, this is just being silly now.

Jonah_Reese2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Oh, I get it, Giving Uncharted 3 a low score is the "cool" thing to do now, since The AVCub's review, right? Tell you what, I too will write a review that does not matter and submit it to N4G, K? :)

CandyCaptain2425d ago

Here's my honest opinion of the site w/o even going to it. It is garbage. You know the site will be gone soon enough. Troll site.