IGN - Beat Hazard Ultra Review

IGN - When I first heard about Beat Hazard Ultra, I didn't have to feign excitement. A PlayStation Blog post described this as a twin-stick shooter where the music on my PlayStation 3 hard drive would build the level I played. "Everything you see in the game is dictated by the music in some way, from the firepower of your ship to the number and patterns of enemies coming at you," wrote Steve Hunt, CEO of developer Cold Beam Games.

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TardcoreGamer2395d ago

I give this review a 5. Considering it's currently rated 4.87 out of 5 on psn makes me wonder if he even played the game. All his statements in the review are SHANANAGANS!
COME ON! IGN is now on my shit list.

The Indie soundtrack alone is worth half the game's $10 asking price. And you choose Taylor Swift? Thats's seriously the music you chose to play this game with!?

visuals "not sharp enough to impress"? WTF ever dude. this game is a health hazard if you have epilepsy; nuff said.

Replayablity is nearly infinite as you can use any song in existence. every song creates a unique level. i dont know how he can say otherwise unless Taylor Swift was the only song he played

It's not every day I have to evangelize a game..But this game has completely blown my expectations out of the water.
He doesn't mention any of the merits or the fact it was created be ONE guy in his bedroom! the visualizer alone craps on Sony's default one. the menus are quick (very well thought out) and dont intrupt the music like other music games making it the perfect game for parties.

I'm also angered that Sony literally buried the game in the PS store. It's not in the "newly released" section but somehow GOW 1 is? I had to do a game search just to locate it. WTF

TL;DR This game is brilliant. The reviewer is sub-par. check it out!