Nyko's Power Grip for 3DS released

Video game peripherals manufacturer Nyko Technologies has released its Power Grip for the Nintendo 3DS. The device is a battery add-on with ergonomic grip that offers "triple the normal battery life".

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kojikondokid2427d ago

This is awesome but will be useless (kinda) if the additional circle pad addon comes out and doesn't fit in here which I'm guessing won't. Still might be worth it for 3x the battery life.

klecser2427d ago

You clearly have to pick one or the other with these add-ons.

Tuxmask552427d ago

I'm just worried about how heavy this might make my 3DS.

GamersRulz2426d ago

are we still living in the 1980's ?

MasterCornholio2426d ago

Pretty good for those who go on long flights. Looks much better than the circle pad accessory. I like the vitas external battery more though.