5-Star Hopping With Mario

It's been ages since that Legend of Zelda game came out, the shoot-em-up action of Metroid Prime 3 is not everyone's cup of tea and man cannot live on Wii Sports alone. By this point, some Wii owners must be spending more time shaking a feather duster at their console than one of the motion-sensing remotes.

But you can always count on Nintendo's iconic mascot Mario to deliver, particularly in his flagship adventure games. Super Mario Galaxy not only lives up to expectations, it's one of the best Mario games to date.

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wiizy3957d ago

game of the year.... where are the haters

Maestro3956d ago

You fail dude, is not game of the year. Is game of the decade.

BrotherNick3956d ago

Game of the Millenium @[email protected] I just beat it.