Dark Souls Ships 1.5 Million Worldwide

Andriasang: From Software and Namco Bandai announced today that worldwide shipments of Dark Souls have crossed the 1.5 million mark.

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Optical_Matrix2236d ago

People need to shake this myth that Sold through is trackable. Every time we see sold numbers, they're shipped numbers. Why? Because once game retailers have bought bulk orders of games or consoles, the publishers already have their money and those games are as good as sold as, usually, retailers will demand more units in the future, meaning the initial shipment was sold.

Shipped = Sold. End of story. It's safe to assume that Dark Souls has sold over 1 million. I highly doubt theres 750,000 un-bought copies of Dark Souls sitting in stores worldwide. Retailers wouldn't have collectively got Namco Bandai to ship 1.5 million if that was the case. Would be a waste of the retailers money.

Virus2012236d ago

I don't think shipped=sold.

Perfect example would be battlefield 3. There was an article this week that said that EA shipped 10 million copies of BF3. So far half of that was sold and 5 million copies were reported as sold.

Spenok2235d ago

Here here! Thank you for speaking sense.

TheRichterBelmont2236d ago

Here's to the next 1.5 million!

BrianC62342236d ago

I wonder how many of those were the limited version? I ordered that version and Best Buy got none so I cancelled my order. I'll buy the game later when I have time to play it. Namco did a bad job on that issue though. Why not make enough copies for everyone who preordered?

g-nome2236d ago

So glad I have one of those , Epic game.

EmperorDalek2236d ago

Deserves much more. One of the best games this gen.

Tanir2236d ago

yup! only game that comes close or equal is demons souls!!!

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