PS3 Ships 55.5 million Worldwide; 2.1 Million Behind the Xbox 360

GB : Sony reports their financial data for this quarter and its massive. PS3 sold 55.5 million worldwide and is very close to 360.

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stonecold32452d ago

congs sony proud to be a ps3 owner ?

darthv722451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

both have done great strides this gen.

Proud to be a gamer.

Cyrax_872452d ago

Great sales. The most important thing though, is this gen, all consoles have been a success.

Shang-Long2452d ago

I remember when it was like 10 million behind and people were calling the ps3 dead, a failure etc.. Kinda interesting to see it at 2.1 before the holiday season.

xer02452d ago

You will only hear that the "PS3 is a failure" from North American journalist.

Gametrailers being a usual suspect...

WitWolfy2452d ago

I admit I was also one of those people who said "PS3 is doomed for failure" but quickly changed my words when I got one for Christmas. And enjoyed more then I thought I would!

A great piece of hardware!

darthv722451d ago

that is not uncommon. It seems to be the norm to hate on what you dont have. Then when you get one its like things change.

You may still have a preference but its still good to admit that there really isnt anything wrong with owning what once was the opposition.

Many more 360 only gamers are getting ps3's and ps3 only owners are getting 360's. Prices are reasonable to own both. Difficulty is deciding which system to get which game on (multiplatform games of course).

kaveti66162452d ago


Being proud of owning an electronic device is the first step towards being a fanboy.

baodeus2452d ago

exactly, couldn't agree more.

dangert122452d ago

Why I am a proud owner of my Ps3 but that does not stop me playing and enjoying games on the pc. I will play xbox games If I like them I'm really open to games genres but I am proud of my Ps3 and the good times It has provided me with. Some people on here seem to think I'm a fanboy. but I know myself much better then these conscious people I have never met.

Jonah_Reese2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Wait what? I can't be proud of the device it took me a bit to get?

a08andan: Yeah I gathered that but it's kinda hard to say "I don't love" to the device you've wanted for a while. It's like buying a car, you're proud of yourself for getting a job, saving up and purchasing it. And you're proud of the car (device) because it showcases your success. That's why the comment fell flat for me.

Forbidden_Darkness2452d ago

Wait so I should hate myself for buying a electronic device?

a08andan2452d ago

Jonah_Reese: I think they mean that you should be proud of yourself first and formost, and then you can like and enjoy the device. But to be proud of it, that is perhaps something that only its creators should be.

Or sumthin like that^^

Why o why2452d ago

Hating on positive things being said about the brand you DONT prefer is the next step kaveti....just saying

Great sales sony but its not those which keep me happy or proud...its the games, support and variety. Keep them games coming sony, continue to take more risks than the others. The gap became less and less important to me as the gen aged as it kept sony on their toes. 2nd spot means air to me if it means i have 8 month gaps without exclusives which equals LESS GAMES TO CHOOSE FROM incase that taboo word annoys any of ya.

kaveti66162451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


Be proud of yourself for working hard to get something. But don't be proud of that something.

@why o why

You have a narrow mindset, man. You think if I don't kiss the ass of a brand I must prefer another brand. I don't prefer any brand. Can you prove (by checking my comment history) that I prefer another brand? I have posted a ton of comments on this site. Can you even find one that shows that I prefer another brand? I don't prefer any brand. But preference isn't the issue. The issue is whether someone should be proud of owning a material possession. I think it's wrong because I think it can make the owner feel like they're better than other people who don't own that particular thing. That leads to fanboyism. I wish I could use another word to describe the concept rather than fanboy but I know I'll be marked down for bad language.

"I'm proud to own such and such." Why? You can say, "I'm glad..." But please don't express any pride. You didn't design the thing. You didn't market the thing. You didn't do anything other than buy it. Don't be proud of buying things. Just be proud of working hard to get what you want. Take pride in yourselves, not in what you own. You are not your khakis.

Why o why2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Nobody said that you have to kick ass me where i said you should be. What im saying is everybody whos been here long enough knows what you prefer and who you defend or attack more than the others. Nothing wrong with that as we shouldnt have to hide our preferences....we're adults ff sake. But not only did you take his 'proudness' comment literally your first and only comment at that time was just to state why his was a step towards fanboyism. It almost seems like you were waiting for somebody to be happy for silly reasons so you could put then back in line. Very party pooper'ish i must say especially when you said ef all about the actual article like its bad news or something..

anybody who says they dont have a preference is either very simple, a liar or some type of cyborg. I couldnt be asked to click disagree.

baodeus2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

so why do u need to feel proud owning a piece of gaming device? I mean does it do anything for u like:

1. making u a better person?
2. make a big difference to the world?
3. make your life better in anyways?
4. make u smarter?
5. Give u job?
6. healthy habit?
7. make u more productive?
8. make your family life better?
9. Do you get more respect?
10. make other people envy of you

this might be what u guys are thinking, but to tell u the hard truth, nobody give a dam...example: i bought and own all of consoles and pc, laptop, should you envy me, care or look up to me in anyways while i enjoying myself with games? If you don't, then why should I? see no one cares got it?

kaveti66162451d ago

"What im saying is everybody whos been here long enough knows what you prefer and who you defend or attack more than the others."

You're not smart, man. If the ratio of PS3 fantards to 360 fantards were not so high, I would not criticize PS3 fantards more for their BS. If I criticize PS3 fanboys moreso than 360 fanboys, it is because there are simply more PS3 ass-kissers here than there are 360 ass-kissers. Obviously, if you want to know the truth, my 360 is packed up and tucked away in my closet while my PS3 is under my HDTV and is used every single day for something or another.

But, that doesn't mean I have a preference for one brand over another. It just means that at this point one of my devices gives me more utility than the other one.

They're both equally good and equally crappy in most ways that I would judge them.

I'm not proud to own either one. I'm proud of my mother for loving me enough to put up with me and buy me these consoles (even though I can afford them now). But I have no pride in the things I own, and neither should anyone else. Placing pride in material possessions is what makes fanboys.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892452d ago ShowReplies(3)
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-Mezzo-2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Well What Do You Know, Exclusives Do Matter After All.

"Bravo Sony & Micrsoft", This has been a Great year for Gaming.

Theyellowflash302452d ago

Good sales but disappointing compared to the previous 2 generations for Sony. When they were selling over 100 million units. Never-the-less I got a PS3 and its great, congrats Sony.

mandf2452d ago

I still believe they will hit 100million. It's at 5 years now in US and 4 1/2 in Europe. Sony is the only console in the past that keeps producing and selling there consoles once the next gen starts. Nintendo stops producing the second the next console is started and Ms last gen stopped producing consoles a year before the 360 released. Their sales strategy is different then what people expect.

Theyellowflash302452d ago

Good Luck on that one. It will be hard for Sony to sell 100 million units. Considering PS2 reached fairly quick, and the PS3 is no where near the PS2 in units sold at this point in their lifecycle.

mandf2452d ago

We shall see won't we.

Ddouble2452d ago

I agree.

There's been 52.7 PS3's sold since the PS3 was released. The PS3 is not the beast that the PS2 was but even still i think 100 Million is achieveable.

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raztad2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

People use this "Sony lost marketshare" argument too many often w/o a proper understanding of the whole picture.

In first place MS started current gen a full year ahead of Sony and fortunately for them, Gears of War came along and make the console a "must buy".

The Ps3 was designed around single player (PS2 style) and no online interaction, unlike the xbox360, but times had changed and social interactivity/online is key nowadays. Also PS3 price always have been a deterrent for mass market consumption, and finally lets not forget the Wii and the casual phenomena.

All things considered, PS3 has been doing great. Moreso if you recall the horrible launch. I think Sony was too confident on the brand and did not foresee the new trends.

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Jonah_Reese2452d ago

mm, not so disappointing considering the competition is equally as strong as you and your product. Factor in economic issues and sheer knowledge of the product's hardware and software (what's suitable for young children etc, etc.). I mean the PS2 is still selling, who knows the PS3 could still hit 100million but it's a feat that it hit over 50 million. With the Wii doing what it's doing and the 360 going strong. Quite Impressive.

C0MPUT3R2452d ago

PS3 is on pace to sell 120 Million systems if it stays on the market for 10 years.
That is roughly 20 million more than the PSX.
So it will be the the 2nd best selling console ever only the PS2 did it better.

2451d ago
NateCole2452d ago

Except PS2 was launched at $299 and reach mass market price of $199 after 4 years on the market.

Once PS3 reaches $199 they will sustain sales past 100 million.

With this economy the value of the PS3 will only increase being more revelant technologically compare to the others.

bageara2451d ago

How long did it take PS2 to reach 100 million units?

bloodybutcher2451d ago

Fiscal year ending March 31, 2006 it was at 103 around 7 5 years(like ps3 atm)it was 71mill.

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Ezio20482452d ago

glad to be a PS3 onwer!!!=D

just waiting for GTA 5 Trailer...>_>

VINNIEPAZ2452d ago

Well yeppi!!!!! For me too!!

Glad to be a Xbox 360 (x5), PS3 (x2), PSP (x2), DSiXL and Wii (x2) owner !!!=D

darfreeze2452d ago

Great. Last time I checked, it was 5 million behind X360. The exclusives and the Price drop might have helped the system.

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