Drake's Fortune Is Our Gain

Once upon a time, a lovely British adventuress named Lara Croft was raiding some tombs in ancient Persia when she ran into a handsome, acrobatic fellow who introduced himself as the capital-p Prince.

Sharing a common interest in archeology, treasure-hunting and killing generic evil henchmen, Lara and the Prince hit it off, hooked up and eventually spawned Nathan Drake, star of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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gamesblow3953d ago

It's pretty much unanimous that everyone is in love with this game... Now lets see if Sony would like to push it more by pumping about 2 more million into adverts. Uncharted has sold out at my work and that's good, but I don't think it's going to have the hype behind it like other overhyped games like Asscreed and COD4. Asscreed being a complete abomination and COD4 being well worth the buy, albeit a very, very, very short game for your 60 bucks. I haven't even touched the online aspects in it cause Warhawk and Resistance are still so damn good.

Anyways, GO BUY UNCHARTED people... it's the best next gen gaming experinece you'll find.

Hydrollex3952d ago

Heart !!!! I love that piece of game.

Bubble me if you like that game too.

jorellpogi3952d ago

Nice review. Thanks for sharing. I agree with gamesblow that PS3 owner should get this game. You won't regret it.

Baba19063952d ago

the demo was really great. i have pleayed the demo like 10 times. in all the different langauges. everything about this game speaks to me. i cant change that. cant wait for the eu release.

Tsukasah3952d ago

Meh, I'm not getting this one. I'm not all that much into the whole treasure-hunting deal. I mean yeah, it is, or will be a great selling game, that's for sure. Still just not my thing. This holiday season I'm getting: COD4, UT3, Rock Band, R&C, and possibly GHIII. Oh, and the Warhawk Expansion ^_^!!!

SIX3952d ago

but whatever. This wasn't my type of game either until I played it. It's now my favorite game this gen. The action is very fun. The game doesn't look that dynamic at first (just a dude with a gun) but later on in the game (Not gonna spoil it for people) Lets just say it gets pretty abnormal.

remix3952d ago

but i STRONGLY AND I MEAN STRONGLY suggest you give uncharted a try.

i know it says your finding a treasure but it really isnt something of annoyance AT ALL. trust me on that one.
have fun with your games but uncharted is not something you pass up. AT LEAST rent it

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