Should You Buy Sonic: Generations? Yes

Kotaku - Sonic: Generations isn't swept up in the HD remake craze we're seeing with other franchises of a similar age. It's a different tour of its titular hedgehog's greatest moments, giving some classic 2D levels from the series a 3D interpretation, and vice versa. Fans have shouted for an end to the gimmicks, and for Sega to just give them what made the game great in the first place. This is Sega's response. Should you pick it up?

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360ICE2453d ago

I'm a strong independent black woman. I do what I want.

Virus2012453d ago

Should you do what the title says? NO!

DA_SHREDDER2453d ago

The game is freakin amazing, the difficulty is definitely not kid friendly despite its appearance. BTW, 3-D Sonic > 2-D Sonic. Man this game is friggin fun!

SnipeySnake2453d ago

Yeah, was a bit disappointed with no multiplayer. I mean, the shadow boss fight looks like it could be.