CVG reviews Ghost Squad: 'It's quick, it's explosive and it's great fun'

CVG writes:

"Ghost Squad is pure arcade - the kind of thing Sega used to do all the time on Dreamcast. If you've ever contemplated dropping a second coin into its big daddy, you shouldn't hesitate to consider the Wii version."


"As long as you're prepared to get nothing more than a very good, very short arcade shooter, you'll find a lot of value in this package. It's quick, it's explosive and it's great fun."

Score: 8.3/10

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ChickeyCantor3951d ago

durrrrrrr no more " insert coin " !!!!!!11

wiizy3951d ago

sounds like its worth a purchase.

R M Spender3951d ago

all of the unlockable guns and retarded costumes make it last.

KidMakeshift3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

It literally takes 30 mins to beat the whole game, but it has a bunch of unlockable content. Overall, it's just dumb fun. I played through it 5 times in a row with some friends.