Gameolio: Dark Souls Review (PS3)

DJ, from Gameolio, writes:

"Dark Souls doesn’t just want your wallet, but the very clothes off your back. Prepare to set foot into a world beset by demons and undead, who would like nothing more than to plunge their sword, claw, or slimey face firmly into your mid-section. Why? Well why not. While there’s a lovely opening cinematic and some interesting story tid-bits offered to the player, for the most part you are on your own. In any other RPG this distinct lack of narrative would be a critical failure that would cause me to wail and gnash my teeth, but not here. From the get-go you know that this is not a story-driven game at all – it’s a completely open world, non-linear slaughter house of epic proportions. Better sharpen your axe Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore."

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