SOCOM 1 HD - The Time Has Come

Remakes are a hot topic in the gaming industry as we speak. But there is one franchise out there not getting the press it deserves...

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Schism202447d ago

I think more people want socom 2 hd although socom 1 is nice too I guess.

StanLee2446d ago

Unless it's a Halo CE Anniversary like overhaul, what's the point? Upscaling a game isn't exactly an HD update. It just looks horrible. I bought Resident Evil 4 HD and honestly, I'd just rather play it on my PS2. It just looks awful. Halo CE Anniversary does an HD remake right. Message for publishers, either do it properly or don't bother.

guitarded772446d ago

Agree x 10,000... When the God of War collection was initially released, I was stoked and bought it day one. But since seeing what's going on with Halo CE, I really hope devs see that they can do more with a remake. Some titles have been great with the simple texture updates and trophy support, but I think that's a testament to how great the games originally were. But some games have been horrid with little care given to them, the Resident Evil HD ports are the prime examples.

Panthers2446d ago

I have to disagree. The graphics could use an update, but if they so much as touch any aspect of the gameplay, it would not be the same. I want the same movement, shooting, scoping, sniping... everything to be the same. Not to mention the maps. Socom 2 had the best maps of any shooter.

And trust me, all socom fans would go back, but Socom1/2 were hacked to hell and kids run around with god mode. So if all they did was release it as a PSN game with hack free gameplay and smooth servers, it would be a dream come true and well worth $60.

BattleAxe2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Well unfortunately Zipper doesn't seem to "get it". An HD Collection would be the obvious thing to do, but I have a feeling that they will keep going in the wrong direction with this franchise unfortunately. Getting rid of Seth Luisi would be the first logical step to restoring this great franchise. My prediction as far as Zipper's future goes, is that if they produce another couple of 6/10 or 7/10 Metascore games, Sony will close or sell the Studio. These guys are the biggest black mark on Sony's first party studios right now, followed somewhat by Guerrilla Games IMO.

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TheCrazyMerc2446d ago

I grew up with Socom but I think its more preferred that S2 is better for an HD remaster, but both would be great in a single bluray wouldnt it? :D


Maybe if S1 HD is a hit, people will see an opportunity to make more money with S2 HD? Maybe having two extremely strong polls for both will inspire a "Legacy" or a legit S5 if/when that time comes? Who knows what will happen. The first step is to get SONY's attention by knocking directly on their front door. And it would come directly from the fans themselves... not a "summary" of our forum posts here, or as some pretty chart in a business meeting.

Panthers2446d ago

If the gameplay is the EXACT same, and I mean every single detail, then yes I would be all for this.

red2tango2446d ago

Socom 2 was way better. REMAKE THAT.

NarooN2446d ago

This. Everyone asked for S2, but they give us the first one? Meh...

xPhearR3dx2446d ago

SOCOM is the only reason I owned a PS3 and it sucked unbelievably bad. If Zipper was to remake SOCOM 2 in HD with the SAME EXACT gameplay, mechanics, maps etc just on servers with no lag. I'd sell my Xbox and every Xbox related product I own, buy a PS3 and SOCOM 2 HD and never play another game again. Played SOCOM 2 for 6 years, only reason I quit is because of the stupid cheaters.

Panthers2446d ago

Yes. You and I are in the same boat. I got some enjoyment out of Confrontation, but Socom 4 was an atrocity. I have completely given up on online shooters all together. Its just that nothing compares to the Socom 2 days. And yes, I would not play another game every again. You would see my ass sitting in a Foxhunt 24/7. Maybe mix it up with some Medly. God I miss Socom2.

Too bad the people in control of this are morons.

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