Nintendo Power: Rayman Origins is the best Rayman ever

Check out the details from the first review of Rayman Origins.

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jacksonmichael2455d ago

With all due respect... Did it really have that much competition?

MWH2455d ago

without any doubt. i still have fond memories of Rayman and Rayman 2 Great Escape and this one looks like a stunner. will get.

Zichu2454d ago

I played Rayman and Rayman 3 a hell of alot. I played a bit of Rayman 2. I enjoyed everything. I can see this game being way better than the previous Rayman games, maybe even quite funny.

I've convinced my brother to play it, he just likes the look of Globox in the air acting like the Mosquito.

Acquiescence2454d ago

I'll believe it when I see it; that game was one of the finest platformers on the Dreamcast.

MasterCornholio2454d ago

This rayman looks great on the vita. Can't wait till February.


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