rawDLC: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video preview

With only a week to go before the ultimate military shooter slugfest kicks off, the lads at rawDLC chime in with their thoughts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer modes, with particular attention to the new gameplay tweaks and Kill Confirmed mode. Under the cover of riot shields this squad of three neutralise all threats working their way to the rendezvous point at Studio 33.

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dillydadally2424d ago

I love how they're wearing Team Battlefield 3 T-shirts while giving a CoD preview.

Besides, this is all nonsense anyway. I've played BF3 and seen all the previews for MW3. BF3 is ALSO the same game. It feels just like BFBC2. Giving a game a new coat of paint doesn't change the gameplay. I just don't get BF3 fans who bash MW3 for being more of the same. If anything, MW3 is changing up things a little more than BF3. It has brand new game modes, new customizable games, completely reworked its most iconic feature by changing killstreaks to point streaks in strike packages, etc. They both will feel like the same old game though.

Grimhammer002423d ago

And it will certainly be a better story in single plyr. By virtue of its continuing narrative.

Also, 16 maps right out of the box is very nice.

An argument I here time and again is that bf3 is more realistic by virtue of vehicles & destruction. Lol really? How many foot soldiers are tank drivers? How about 1 ton of masonry blown from a wall that simply disappears and managed to sail right through you while you huddled in said cover.

Bf3 a game where with a little leveling anybody can jack a jet, but I can't call in offshore ordinance from a carrier?

Mw3 isn't realistic either...I'm just saying, play what you like a d accept fps's that are fun are generally not realistic.