Odashima comments on DLC, creation mode, criticisms and more for Soul Calibur V

Game director, Daish Odashima, recently made several comments regarding Soul Calibur V, discussing several aspects (DLC, creation and training modes in addition to gameplay concerns) of the upcoming multiplatform fighting game.

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Tanir2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

hope the character creation includes all the SC4 armor and equipment and adds way more, because if they just re-use old armor and even remove armor, making less options like they did from SC3-sc4 ima be upset.

better be double the options in SC5, Character creation is the only reason i play SC honestly

Nice, though, they are adding size options, though will probably only be short, middle and tall, thats still a good thing though. cant wait for this game, me and my fiance love beating each other all day in this