Gamers Deserve Better Than Today’s Gaming Journalism Standards

"The gaming press has itself bred this sense of entitlement by serving not the readers it claims to represent, but an industry made up of companies who build precarious playing-card houses dependent upon the success of the one game a studio happens to be working on."

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SupahJ2274d ago

I definitely agree. Too much of journalism now just seems fake. Too many writers just get paid off by the companies when it comes to reporting their games. It's like the payola of the journalistic world.

Bimkoblerutso2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

It's not so much getting paid off (not that it doesn't happen) as it is the whole "courtesy" system. It's definitely not just the gaming industry, either.

Publishers dole out "courtesy" copies of their games to critical sites and magazines, usually much earlier than the street release. So in turn critics are expected to curb their reviews, sort of a return of that courtesy. It's why in basically any medium you explore, critical reception is statistically much more positive prior to the release of the product.

It's just a sad, sad truth. Plus, then you have the ones that actually ARE paid off, which makes things even worse.

darthv722274d ago

there are no real standards these days. This day and age anyone can set up a website and proclaim themselves a journalist and get review copies of games.

Its been a long time since the days of REAL journalism such as EGM, Gamepro, NextGen and other actual publications. The internet has spawned the do it yourself reviewer where if you have an opinion you can either play to the crowd and hope for the best (hits) or be an ass and take the punches from those who think they know better (even more hits).

Also, the notion of "paid off" has been around for decades in many different business that you may not be in agreement with. That is the classic conspiracy theory. If someone is biased do you really think they are going to admit that? They would lose half their fanbase. Then they would lose the other half because of lack of conflict.

NewMonday2274d ago

back in the day they were fans like us sharing our enthusiasm for gaming, mags like EGM and GameFan(my favorite) celebrated gaming and introduced me to various genres , a game getting 7/10 was great.

now most of them have their heads up their @$$ and look for attention.

yesmynameissumo2274d ago

Some blame falls on us gamers. We don't ever stand up against anything. We give them hits, troll comments and then bitch. We have as much to change as they do.

younglj012274d ago

Huey:"Why it always have too end like this"

Riley:"Because gamers are bitches"

Silly gameAr2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Once again. I blame the gaming press. When exactly did people consider an 8 a bad score? When the gaming press started telling people anything below a 9 is garbage.

Love this gen for that.


I agree with that too. I guess we're no better. We've fallen into a trap that's hard to get out of.

Silly gameAr2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )


May seem a little off but,


digitaleraser2274d ago

The reason so many reviewers only use the upper half of the scale is explained here:

As to this more recent phenomenon where people are flipping shit if their favorite game gets below a 9? That might be down to the economy, where gamers are cutting back and only buying games release week if it score a 9 or above, so that anything below a 9 does now experience a hit to its sales.

giantchicken2274d ago

This article brought to you by butthurt developers that get bad reviews on their games!

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