Uncharted 3 vs. Gears 3 Brings Out The Worst In Gamers

It's really sad when two of the best games of the year are most often involved in childish bickering. Shouldn't we appreciate the excellence in these productions?

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Silly gameAr2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I blame the media. The middleman in this "battle". Always have to compare one game to another. All the rest of the pieces just fall into place.

miyamoto2306d ago

I really dont like businesses that thrive on "war" eco.omy . like the big western companies . they make money on inventing so called "war" and dragging innocent people into it. they invent lies to fetch people's honest sentiments and turn them against each other while they make money through company loyalty. sales figures, patriotism are the new medium of sales pitches now a days. but but some times when pwople have enoigh of the BS these corporations do they result in mass revolt to stop the loes and end it all. this is what the PS fanboys and the Japanese gamers are doing right now for years.

and now the majority of gaming media has unanimously spoken in universal acclaim of Uncharted 3 tfor the good of the industry. I think most gaming bloggers are fed up of what is happening to gamong in the west.

jony_dols2306d ago

I own both and I'am happy as Larry (on crystal meth).

Cupid_Viper_32305d ago

I think the reasons are simple. Fanboys gets themselves in places of power within the industry, ie. Reviewers/bloggers, and corparations have them in their pockets like never before. Even the ones who started out legit are now dirty hit seeking fiends.

And secondly, resentment from the ones who were done in unfairly. Anyone who just happen to casually read gaming sites can tell you that each company are judged on different standards. The ps3 was supposedly "the worst piece of technology ever created" according to those who's pockets it benefited at the time. Yet millions of gamers has spent countless amount of money on their 360s trying to get it to be like a.ps3, from wifi adapter, to HD DVD add on, to reliability, even to praying that MS pay millions to bring once ps3 exclusive games to their consoles. All of them things that the ps3 offered from the get go but were deemed unimportant.

The ps3 was bashed and labeled as a console with no games, even when all the multiplafforms games featured on it like it is now for the 360, with few exclusives. But if you mention the tons of exclusives nowadays then ur a fanboy. Same goes for graphics and any other advantages the ps3 may have. Now all of that is considered fanvoy talk.

Whats my point you say? well it's quite simple really, you cant spend the better part of a generation harping and selling nonsense to feed trolls for whateved purpose, and then try to pull a Ghadafi and go " don't shoot, dont shoot!" when shits hit the fan.

The media harped on the superior graphics of the 360 whenever a pixel is missing from the same game on the ps3, so why stop now when the ps3 is mopping the floor with the Uncharted series, GOW3, KZ series, infamous series, GT5 and the other ones to come?

I think it's a little to early "peace" how about we start off with " justice "?

miyamoto2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

well said, mate. well said.
One thing I learned through Sony PS3 is to be patient and right timing. Sony certainly took its time to move forward, slowly but surely against the enormous odds it faced internally and externally. But success was not possible if it were not because of its loyal and honest supporters who believed in the PlayStation brand and what it stands for.

notimetobeidle2307d ago

Replace the article's instances of Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Then replace third-person shooter with first-person shooter.

That's more like it!

FlameHawk2307d ago

Yeah this article even helps more....

PimpHandHappy2307d ago

are a very tiny part of the gamer community! VERY SMALL part

the only ppl that bivker over anything when it comes to games ARE FANBOYS

Gears cant hold Uncahrted JOCK!

bluegreenman2306d ago

you end your statement with a very fanboyish remark. Nice. Stay classy. Both games are obviously amazing, why people cant get over that is beyond me. Im playing UC3 right now. Im in France and it is beautiful.

PimpHandHappy2301d ago

its was more a joke.. guess i needed one of these :/

i played some Gears 3 and its very good in a different way

StifflerK2306d ago

I think the biggest problem this gen isn't the 'fanboys' themselves , but rather the constant supply of trollish / flamebait articles which the media use for hits.

They're purposefully inciting the 'fanboys' just to make a quick buck off the adverts, and that's just sad.

Can you imagine what N4G would be like without any of the above?

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