Saints Row: The Third PC is not a port; PC Exclusive Features Detailed

DSOGaming writes: "Volition announced today that the PC version of Saint Row: The Third won’t be a mere port – like pretty much all of their previous games. Contrary to Saints Row 2, Volition decided to develop the PC version in-house, so that the PC version will be at the same level of playability as the console versions. In addition, the PC version will feature some exclusive features."

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ATi_Elite2177d ago

it has DX11 features which is very good.

the recommended specs seem pretty hefty so maybe SR3 will be graphically pretty. If the God Rays are anything like those in STALKER then we are in for a treat.

Happy to see Volition take the PC version a little more serious this time around.

ECM0NEY2177d ago

Good to hear! I have it pre order on steam.

Elite are u picking this up on PC? We should do some co-op