Top 5 Sega Dreamcast Games

The Sega Dreamcast was and still one of the more favorite gaming consoles of all time. 11 years after its release, people still make games (official and homebrew) for the system.

And 11 years later, people are still playing some of the best games of the last generation that could only be played on Sega’s console swan song.

Check out JTM Games' top five Sega Dreamcast Games.

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AG-Mike2452d ago

I don't know if I should respect or ridicule the fact that NBA Showtime is on that list and Soulcalibur isn't, which really solidified the Dreamcast as a player. But it is your opinion. :)

jtmgames2452d ago

Yeah SC made me buy a DC, yet it was games like NBA Showtime that kept me playing it all these years.

Hell I still prefer Showtime over the new NBA JAM's.

AG-Mike2452d ago

I honestly look back at the Dreamcast and realize the only games I truly liked on it were fighting games. Everything else just doesn't seem to hold up as well as I thought. I'm just not all that nostalgic on it.