TLR: Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Review

KJ of TLR writes "It’s a fun 4 player platformer nothing more nothing less."

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MultiConsoleGamer2334d ago

You know some people bagged on this game but I really enjoyed it.

rezzah2334d ago

I played it with 4 players and disliked it due to the chaos.

Personally I would enjoy this game more by playing it alone.

My reason being I tend to take things slower to go at my own pace, but when playing with another player everything seems to speed up; especially with a total of 4. Still that doesn't mean this game isn't fun, because despite the quick run through it was enjoyable.

bacrec12334d ago

Right! I don't understand people sometimes.

Micro_Sony2334d ago

Hopefully Sony put the R&C franchise on hold until the PS4.

I love R&C but feel like it getting milked and dont need one for the VITA.