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From review: "We weren't exactly kind to the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age 2, and with Mark of the Assassin, EA and Bioware thankfully ditched trying to build Hawke's character up as the savior of Kirkwall, and instead have thrust your character in to a more political role. How does this hold up in Mark of the Assassin? And does the inclusion of The Guild star Felicia Day do anything to improve the experience? In short, the new story and new character are the stars here. In terms of gameplay, Mark of the Assassin just feels like more DLC, only with more bad French accents and stealth gameplay that doesn't really work in practice. The most compelling part of this new package is not so much the inclusion of Felicia Day but instead it's her character, Tallis, who is one of the better side characters of the game and provides a pretty good story to boot."

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