Are ultra-hardcore players ruining World of Warcraft?

I think we've all been there before. Someone posts in Trade "LFG, Firelands, PST iLvl/Spec". Honestly the most casual players are probably so far removed that they don't even understand that, but what about those that do? They'll send the reply, something like "365 Frost Mage". And they never get an answer back. Maybe they've had bad experience with a newby before, but odds are the reason that the Frost Mage didn't get an invite is because people have put in ridiculous requirements for Raiding.

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Letros2424d ago

I think it's the other way around, when WoW came out it was nothing but hardcore players, only to be dumbed down for the masses.

Saryk2424d ago

WoW was dumb downed from the start. The only problem is the other morons followed (AKA EQ2, WH, etc)