A year of crap: the worst Wii games so far

In its first year, the Wii has changed the video game landscape. It's brought people in who never thought they would care about video games. New methods of interacting with onscreen events have been invented. The image of the video game has started swinging away from the nerd-basement stereotype and toward a more family-friendly, even trendy experience.

But the Wii is still a game console, and it can't be completely different from every other console. It's a universal rule that all video game systems must be populated by a bunch of really terrible games, and the Wii has certainly done an admirable job of attracting cheaply-made, ill-conceived, untested, embarrassing garbage. It's really a mark of a system's popularity that so many publishers have come running with their shovels. It's a mark of the Wii's strength as a platform, as well, that it has managed to survive despite the existence of some of these games.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3917d ago

Mainstream games are crap. AkA Most Wii games.

Radiomorph3917d ago

What "underground" games do you play then?

BloodySinner3917d ago

Version 2.0? Please. More like, GameCube 1.5.

unsunghero283917d ago

"Home of the greatest game of this generation."

ChickeyCantor3917d ago

wether its a Gamecube 2.0 or a gamecube 1.5, its irrelevant to the quality of the games.

Are you saying: because of the hardware, Xbox, Ps2, and gamecube never had any good games?

its up to the developers, its plain and simple, GB ~ NDS are nothing compared to home console, but damn they have great games.

TeaDouble_E3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

There only 4 Wii games that I want, all of the other games are REALLY weak.

ReBurn3917d ago

Most of the Wii's first year was full of horrible games. There have been some standouts, though. I'm a big fan of Wii Sports, Trauma Center, Metroid Prime and Super Mario Galaxy.

Drano3917d ago

But all of them are First Party. Like most people said, this is Gamecube all over again, Third Party support is weak and people are going to be pissed playing all the same titles for the next four years like Mario Strikers, Mario Baseball, Mario Laundry, Mario Accountancy, Mario Janitor, Link's Crossbow Training, Zelda Golf, etc.

I'm still expecting that the worse has yet to come.

Jump Beyond.

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The story is too old to be commented.