Europe PSN Maintenance on Nov. 3: Preparation for Uncharted 3?

Update: Its now confirmed PSN Europe will have a five-hour long maintenance tomorrow (November 3) and those players who are signed-in may be signed-out. During those times, you won't be able to login with your PSN account, including PS Store and SOE.

Find out the reason why Uncharted 3 might be the reason behind this unusual maintenance.

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Keyop2331d ago

Considering UC3 is out in Europe it's a little late to be preparing PSN for it! Another reason I expect.

rodiabloalmeida2331d ago

Ah, that little angry girl. How cute!

Oldman1002330d ago

The only reason i clicked on this story was because of her slight resemblance to Chris Farley.

xer02331d ago

I hope not.

Having to run a firmware update before playing a game really annoys me. All I want to do is play Uncharted 3 when I get home this evening.

Burning_Finger2331d ago

Susan Boyle: Someone To watch over me album. :)

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