DC Universe Online Free-to-Play Client Now Available

While they're still busy transitioning the game to its free-to-play business model, Sony has released the new client so that users can get a jump start on the installation and patching process.

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zeal0us2305d ago

I might give this game a try.

nycredude2305d ago

18gb required on Ps3!!!

Damn big game!

buddymagoo2304d ago

It's open world with a lot of stuff going on in it.

gaden_malak2304d ago

yeah the 18gb kinda put me off. How on earth am I going to download that in one go?

buddymagoo2305d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Still waiting for Europe servers to go up. Can't wait to get back to Gotham.

BeaArthur2304d ago

I started to download last night but then realized it was going to take forever so I will try again when I'm not interested in playing.

maniacmayhem2304d ago

So this is available now on psn?!

Too right!

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The story is too old to be commented.