Walmart has Xbox Live Points Cards, PSN Cards On Sale Next Week

Trendy Gamers: For those of you looking to stock up on points cards for the onslaught of DLC coming for this years biggest games, Wal-Mart has a great deal for you starting on November 8th.

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TrendyGamers2361d ago

Not bad at all. Just in time for Christmas.

lMHl2361d ago

Walmart needs to burn

lastdual2361d ago

"While the ad is in French, the deal will be Canada wide."

Only in Canada? I might have jumped on this otherwise :(

Canary2361d ago

I'll be grabbing 6 $20 PSN cards. I'm frankly astonished at how much crap I buy off the PSN. And with the new PS2 classics... cripes.

Or is it a limited-deal where you can only use it once?

It probably is. It's roughly 75% market price, so someone could theoretically purchase $4000 worth of PSN/XBL microcurrency for $3000. Even selling on ebay w/ the seller fee of 10% and paypal fee of 10%, there's still a possible 5% profit to be had.

Not much, but hey, plenty enough to make idiots think it'll get 'em rich quick.

TrendyGamers2361d ago

Its WalMart so probably bot limited just don't grab a hundred because the computers will definitely crash!

MrBeatdown2361d ago

Same here. I'd stock up.

Noticeably_FAT2361d ago

Expect tons of deals now that the holidays are close.

TrendyGamers2361d ago

Yeah, the amazon buy 2 get 1 is in the states so hopefully it comes to Canada!

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