MW3 vs Battlefield 3: Sales Supremacy -- Who'll Be The King?

Update: Here's an analysis showing how Modern Warfare 3 will beat Battlefield 3 based on the number of sold units worldwide, and the reason why EA is still smiling.

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ATi_Elite2397d ago

Call of Duty Modern Warfare KING of the Sales!!!

SkylineR2397d ago

Who cares? Just enjoy the damn games.

I'm happily enjoying BF3 and will be doing the same with MW3 soon.

Captain Qwark 92397d ago

agreed, dumb to even think BF will come close

Rainstorm812397d ago

The same game that has been king of sales....Funny thing is people are quick to downplay BF3 because of is online issues then overlook COD's online issues year in and year out.....its a COD generation

zeal0us2397d ago

Not to sound like a fanboy here but COD MW3 will have way more sales hands down, just go look at the other cod titles sales figures. COD is the Apple of the gaming world.

BF3 sold 5mil within first week(not 10mil like EA claimed). MW3 will sell more than likely sell 15mil+ within the first week. If Black ops can sell 5mil within the first 24hours(US&UK), beating MW2 sells, what can u expect for MW3?

lykaice2397d ago

I believe EA is happy where they are right now, considering Medal of Honor sales was a disappointment last year, and they manage to have BF3 today as their fastest-selling game (based from the company's history).

Ddouble2397d ago

EA didn't say they sold 10 million, they said they shipped 10 million, they sold 5 million in the first week which will be roughly under half of the shipment once you take into account digital sales.

It would get through the 10 million that they shipped sometime next year probably.

Like you said though, it can't touch COD though. The install base of every console that COD is releaed on has had a year to grow from when black ops was released and that did 5 million in one day. Good lord we are going to see some silly numbers once it gets released.


Sales sales sales..I never knew N4G has share holders /s.

Just enjoy ur damn game!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.