Resistance 3 Update on Patch 1.05 and Changelog w/ Two Free New Maps

GamersNewsFeed writes: "Insomniac Games has just confirmed that patch 1.05 for Resistance 3 is now complete and now all we have to do is wait for Sony to approve it."

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Sizzon2272d ago

That's a pretty nice patch IG :)

Tho, I haven't played R3 MP in a while cuz of other heavy hitters like BF3, Gears 3 and now Uncharted 3, but I'll get back on it laterz.

mcstorm2272d ago

Sounds good. I got r3 with my 2nd ps3 a few months ago but had far too many games to finish so now ive done that im going to give r3 a go tonight and see what its like for my self.

DA_SHREDDER2272d ago

I would have gotten this game a long time ago had it a hardcore mode. Bullet sponge effect is my biggest multiplayer pet peeve of all time. Which is why I won't be buying Uncharted 3 as well. I would be playing KZ3 if that issue was addressed too. So many games with so much untapped potential.

BTW, does anyone know how many MP maps this game has now?

EeJLP-2271d ago

aka "I can't maintain my aim on a target" mode?

To answer your question:
R:FoM - 11 maps with 23 locations (Not counting map packs)

R2 - 10 maps with 39 locations (Not counting map packs. Assuming different player counts with the same name are different maps. If not, 34. 12 maps w/ 36-41 counting co-op)

R3 - 12 maps with 12 locations (Not counting map packs)

So 12 maps stock, 14 now, not counting any map packs.