Wii anniversary aftermath: What are Wii Fanboy looking forward to?

As anniversary week winds down, Wii Fanboy can't help but wonder: what's next? One good year for a video game console means nothing if it's followed by some not-so-great years. Fortunately, there are many fun things in store for the Wii, so Wii Fanboy have decided to create a little guide to show what exactly there is to look forward to.

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wiizy3955d ago

im looking forward to another year of wii being on top.. and sony fanboys coming up with all kind of excuses of why the ps3 isnt selling and when its going to sell... and xbox 360 fans afraid to admit the numbers...wii will be on top..

BrotherNick3955d ago

Who knows what lies beyond this year except brawl lol.

hotrider123954d ago

nintendo break out with some classic games on a cd dis like update contra,r-type shooter games instead of only on vc