The top PSN games PSP Fanboy would love to see on PSP

The release of Go! Puzzle on the European PSP PlayStation Store heralds the beginning of what PSP Fanboy hope is a long-running trend: the porting of downloadable PSN games to the PSP.

PSP Fanboy list some of their favorite games that are currently only available on PS3, which they hope to see on their favorite handheld some time soon.

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whateva3955d ago

no umd's = less cost to make games = more games being made

why wouldn't you buy new games that's about $5 -$10 - $15 and $20

and PS1 games for $5 PSP is the best handheld ever.

xplosneer3955d ago

But I though Go! Sodoku originated on the PSP and Lemmgings is already on it. But I would love to play flOw or CAC, and more over remote play if possible.