A year of Wii: The PAL verdict

Chris Greenhough of Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes:

"Yet every now and again, Nintendo gets something right here, something that makes us PAL gamers remember why we support the company. And the Wii, on the whole, is actually one of those things. As I began writing this article, I was gearing up for a venomous diatribe about Nintendo's continuing neglect of those countries that aren't the Americas or Japan. But get this: I can't do it. I can't do it, because when it comes to the Wii, Nintendo suddenly seems to have noticed that Europe and Australia actually exist. It's true! Both are real places and everything! We have our own flags!"

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Vicophine3916d ago

-looks at source " ot;-


wiizy3916d ago

at least their quoting truth... wii just let the numbers speak for itself... wii number one deal with it