Surfer Girl: PSM3 takes rumors directly from the blog

Surfer Girl is back with her latest rumors. Take these with a grain of salt.

"1) Backbone Entertainment is continuing the honorable tradition of bringing PSP titles to the Wii with Death, Jr. II: Root of Evil, which will be published by Konami sometime next year.

2) Also coming next year from Backbone Entertainment is version of Gauntlet for the DS, the hack-and-slash adventure will support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for multiplayer with up to four players. Gauntlet will also make an appearance on Nintendo's other system in the same timeframe."

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gamesblow3917d ago

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn... This [email protected] RASH again.. Please. I wish she'd just give it up already. also, Death Jr... Isn't that a Cambridge property? As in... Sony's? Might need some confirmation on this one, cause if so... I don't think it'll be going to Wii anytime soon. Just another one of her many lies.

kooplar3916d ago

actually, death jr. 2 was on the ds, so I dunno.

Genki3917d ago

Rumors about where who gets their rumors. People are running out of material...worst of all we eat it up like cupcakes.

BlackIceJoe3916d ago

I think Konami owns the license Gamesblow

White-Sharingan3916d ago

MGS4 for Wii announced, Surfer Girl said so!

/sarcasm ends

just move along everyone, I bet I can make a better "predictions" than hers (or him? oO) like:

1)Microsoft will make a price-cut somewhere in mid- 08 xD
2)Nintendo will release a Wii HDD for their WiiWares
3)Sony will discontinue the 40gb PS3 and make a 50gb one with BC XD

Laexerias3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

First of all:

Q) Is there really a place called hell?
I want to write a book about something bizarre.
1) The new Dreamcast will be released end 2008 said a guy on a street.
2) I bought a magical 8Ball and asked it will there be a MGS4 Port to xbox? The 8Ball exploded.
3) Its rumoured that there is something like a Hell.
4) There will be new games by new Developers in the future.
5) A New Mario Franchise is Born: Mario VS Sonic at a Arcade on the Moon
Q) What will be held in the book?
If there were no hell, how could i say: What the Hell is wrong with you?
6) The big secret about the two letters is spilled: EA means: ELECTRONIC ARTS!
7) There is no man called Santa Clause.
8) Shigeru Miyamoto is proud to say that there are 4 Hardcore Gamer titles for the Wii! They give everything to save their Hardcore Gamers!
Q) What is wrong with you?
I will write about Flying Ships in the Underground of Tokyo written down on Toilet Paper.
9) Link is now Right and get his own new Franchise: The Legend of Right - Link is left
10) Segas first new IP for its new Dreamcast is a real story about a giant crab.

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The story is too old to be commented.