No manual in Super Mario 3D Land. Another blow to retail games.

One of the really nice things about Nintendo games through the years has been the manuals.

Not any more.

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lorianguy2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Nintendo's manuals are definitely the best. With the exception of this, obviously.

They used to be high quality, glossy and well-designed.

ATi_Elite2181d ago

Think of all the trees being saved by not using game manuals. remember Trees and plants produce the Oxygen we need to LIVE!

Think of all the oil saved by not using game manuals. remember too many lives have been lost fighting wars for oil.

Just press pause and see your controls there.

brettyd2181d ago

those trees are coming down anyway bud.

darthv722181d ago

people will find anything to complain about when they have no real desire in the first place. While the loss of a manual is not the end of the world it certainly shows the direction things are headed. More and more products are being sold with notices about information being available online.

is it really so hard in the digital age to look up how to play something? Actually the general play basics are laid out in most games when you play in the first place. not to mention there is usually an options screen that shows which button does what.

so what is the manual for anyway anymore? if it means that companies are finding ways to lower the costs to produce these games (yeah $60+ is high) then so be it. It changed years ago when they went from plastic cases for carts to boxes. It didnt change the effect of the game.

I think the greater rape of the gaming world is dlc that is available day of launch of a game. That is a more important topic than the loss of a few paper pages that no one really reads anyway. i shouldnt say no one, I do find myself flipping pages after playing the game. "AFTER" not before or during but after. It isnt like the manual has cheats to enhance the game.

-Alpha2181d ago

Oh yeah, Nintendo manuals are always awesome

LittleBigPlanet had the best manual from my recent memory

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32181d ago

This kind of stuff makes people buy games used out of spite, lol, or at least think about it--I'm guilty. Seems to me they'll try to pass off boxes with manuals as some type of special edition. But for Nintendo games, it's always been a tradition to buy the strategy guide, so at least that's something... :/

PirateThom2181d ago

I never thought I would see that from Nintendo....

I hate digital manuals, it may only be some paper with words and pictures, but I want it damnit.

jacksonmichael2181d ago

Oh, Nintendo... I know you're having financial problems, but... Jesus Christ...

ASTAROTH2181d ago

Financial Problems? These guys are flooded with money thanks to the Wii. . . It seems they are just greedy and want more for less!!.... WOW

lizard812882181d ago

They are projected to lose like 900 million or billion $ or so.

DarkBlood2181d ago

well thats one tree saved :P

3GenGames2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Maybe one tree saved when you make 100,000 of them.

Pixel_Enemy2181d ago

I think that's what he meant. Them not printing all of those manuals will save one tree.

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The story is too old to be commented.