CVG: Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Pack Review

Dragon Quest brings two things to mind: gelatinous blobs and Koichi Sugiyama's stubbornly unchanging musical cues.

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jacksonmichael2306d ago

"A lot of ugly blockiness"

Oh, grow up.

DA_SHREDDER2306d ago

I totally disagree with the downers he made.

"A lot of ugly blockiness
RPGs have had 25 years of much-needed improvement"

First off, these games were made with 8 bit sprites, and Dragon Warrior 3 was a snes redo, so it's 16 bit. What was he expecting? FF13 graphics?!

And secondly, Rpgs have done nothing but go downhill since the ps2 days. Sure some improvements were made, but most of the improvements are overshadowed by the de-evolution of the jrpg genre. It has disintegrated into a pile of rubbish. Don't get me wrong, action rpg's like Mass Effect, Dues Ex 3, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, ect,,,, all do their thing, and do it well. But when it comes to turn based gameplay with old school elements have all but emptied into the video game abyss. Turn based rpgs are now inside a black hole, a void that could never be replaced by the action rpgs that are out now.

BTW, I thought the Edrick saga was pretty good, and even on par with the Zenithian saga. Both compliment each other, and is such a shame to see it turn into the over exploited crap that is now considered the Dragon Quest series. I hope Dragon Quest X is more of the old than anything after FF6. FF7 was lifeless, 8 had nothing to do with the series (not that it was a bad game, just wasn't on par with the older bits), and the DS games never did anything for me cause I don't play dragon quest game son a kid's hand held. I been playing the series on console and I hope it stays on console after X