Reasons we’re excited for Skyrim

Living With a Nerd writes: "Skyrim is now about 10 days away, and like many of you, we’re starting to get extremely excited. Let’s look at the things that make Skyrim such a big deal to us."

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MultiConsoleGamer2183d ago

I'm counting the days until its release.

shockzone2183d ago

skyrim leaked on tpb OMG

megacowdung2183d ago

only for 360 and u need a modded 360 to play it

Noticeably_FAT2183d ago

It's definitely looking solid, only problem I'm having is finding the cast for all of these games and then finding time to actually play them in between work, life, wife ect... ughhh

Deadman_Senji2183d ago

You and apparently everybody else. I'm curious to see if Bethesda can pull it off without the usual suspects showing up in the game.

Bugs, glitchy textures, bad animation, the character models don't look too bad though. that's an improvement.

GrumpyVeteran2183d ago

Bethesda games are known to be buggy at release, but we accept it because the games are still fun. On the PC, the game will no doubt get community patches like in Oblivion.

SammyboyZ2183d ago

Immersion is the thing i'm looking forward to most