Expect a Deluge of Dota 2 Beta Invites Soon - "The Dota 2 team has just sent out a wave of emails to those who opted in for the beta earlier this year."

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ATi_Elite2394d ago

haven't really played any Action RTS games but since this is a Valve game......I can't pass it up.

shikamaroooo2393d ago

Try dota in warcraft 3 first

Letros2394d ago

Got a system/play history inquiry, hopefully the invite follows :-D

meetajhu2393d ago

I got my invite! Valve FTW!

Pikajew2393d ago

I think I have an invite, I just have to fill out a survey

DeleteThisxx2393d ago

Getting the Email doesn't necessarily mean you're in just yet. The survey helps them choose who to pick based on skill/experience.