NBA 2K11 Servers Shutting Down Mid-November

NBA2K12 is pushing its little brother out of the way. Snag those missing achievements while you can!

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Blaze9292425d ago

too soon imo. Only been a year. I'd leave at least two. That's pretty screwed up on 2K's part. Taking advantage of the fact that there's no competition. Just as bad as EA holding the NFL license and raping consumers with Madden - JUST cause.

Cueil2424d ago

except 2k12 is a much much better game

Megaton2425d ago

That's pretty messed up. Game is only a year old. Forcing people to buy roster update 2012 if they wanna play online.

firefoxprime2425d ago

rape? plz. EA isn't forcing anyone to buy madden. they create a product. market it to people. Who then believe they have a desire for that title. Same goes to those who complain about gamestop. just don't go. easy.

Cueil2424d ago

2k12 vastly better game... no reason to keep lesser game up most have migrated over already

Software_Lover2425d ago

I'll just Continue to play NBA 2k11. There's really no one new to the NBA that I'm eager to play with anyway. I always do a fantasy draft at the beginning of seasons or dynasty's. Changes things up a little bit each go round.

I rarely play online basketball as its hard for everyone to keep up with the schedules.

Noticeably_FAT2425d ago

I think 2K is taking a page out of EA's book. They are usually the ones who shut down servers the following year so people are forced to buy the new game if they want to play online. Sucks...

Cueil2424d ago

unlike EA 2K12 is a vast improvement in gameplay and graphics... no reason to play 2K11