Avault: Thursday App Attack for 10/27

It’s been predicted by some that our mobile devices are killing the handheld gaming market. With games like Virtual City Playground and Steambirds: Survival in the iTunes app store, there are definitely good reasons to leave your handheld and home. While the vast majority of apps are nowhere near the caliber of the highest rated DS and PSP titles, gamers are beginning to see some of their most beloved titles (Katamari and Scribblenauts for example) ported over to their iOS devices. And with the ever improving processors in smartphones, the potential of apps is only increasing. Check out this week’s selection to see if you agree.

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MultiConsoleGamer2420d ago

This article arrived just in time. I just paid for my iPhone 4S and I'm looking for good games.

b007h2420d ago

Glad you found it helpful!