Sony Released New UK Playstation 3 Commercial

See why People have a right to say the PS3 is weird...

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MaximusPrime_3918d ago

first thing first, it is a European ad, not just UK.

Secondly, as a Brit, i found this ad funny. But still i prefer the US version.

BTW: here in UK, Sony did a good job advertising on billboards.

One of them shows a huge duststorm coming. Its slogan is "expects the force" or something like that. I love it.

Mercutio3918d ago

and the billboards were Okay, but this AD is just WEIRD lol...

Odion3918d ago

that add is as stupid as their Wolfman one for the PS2

Skerj3918d ago

Dude you did not just diss the Wolfman!! That was like the best commercial EVER!!

UnblessedSoul3918d ago

Garbage ad looks like sonys alright

Vip3r3918d ago

Our ads are crap. The American ones are the best imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.