Modern Warfare 3 MOAB / Nuke: New Screenshots and Gameplay

Pinoytutorial: "After several of our readers sent us videos and screenshots leaking Modern Warfare 3’s special killstreak / perk called the MOAB -- or more popularly called by some as ‘Nuke’, we decide to post it here so you can check the validity of its existence."

On this report, you'll see how the new weapon works along with its difference with MW2's Tactical Nuke reward.

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360ICE2271d ago

Get a killsteak! Like a boss!
Deploy nuke! Like a boss!
Watch carnage! Like a boss!
Be disconnected! Like a boss!
Get angry! Like a boss!
Trash console! Like a boss!
Play kinect

lorianguy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

This sounds great!

And will no doubt be over-used, like the RC-XD.

linaavec2271d ago

Still confirming if this one will be a casual killstreak perk or only a special easter egg treat...

connor242422270d ago

GUYS IT'S FAKE! There is no MOAB or nuke, Robert Bowling confirmed it himself in an interview, geese noobs these days huh?

topekomsi2270d ago

You sir are incorrect, i would link a vid, but it would just get taken down. IT IS REAL. I HAVE SEEN IT.