Is DLC a Blessing or a Curse to Gaming?

GOS: "When a developer or publisher reveals that their new game will have downloadable content to keep you busy after the game releases, I’m sure there are gamers out there that will buy every single piece of content their connection can download, won’t be bothered with it at all, or weigh in their options.

This article really isn’t about sharing my definitive opinion about the subject, but more to get the reader to share their thoughts about what makes them buy, or not buy, DLC."

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morkendo2421d ago

why in Hell should we pay for half-ass finish game anyhow?? @ 64.00 a pop.. for 64.00 should be a complete GAME!!!
DEVELOPERS that lazy???

waste of time. a "CURSE" to gamers.

OmegaSlayer2421d ago

95% of the cases it's a curse AND a scam.

2420d ago
MultiConsoleGamer2421d ago

When its done well, a blessing.

When its done poorly, a curse.

JsonHenry2421d ago

I kinda miss "Expansion Packs". You had to wait longer to get it but it was almost always more worthwhile content than "DLC" is today.

Long time PC gamers will know what I am talking about. Expansion packs did not really exist in the console realm until more recently and even then was quickly replaced by DLC.

Mr Tretton2421d ago

Bethesda still does worthy expansions

marioPSUC2421d ago

It all depends on what the DLC is especially if its already on the disc, I really hate when developers put the content on the discs but make you pay to unlock it.

But I love DLC when its more of like how Fallout or Elder Scrolls or even how GTA IV did DLC, pretty much expansions.

Toman852421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

A curse because with the latest Epic Games did with Gears Of War 3 season pass. People are getting the maps for free, and us with seasonpass only got weapon skins, fortifications and new characters and "so called exclusive maps", damn DLC sucks when not done right.

PirateThom2421d ago

I really think people need to demand a refund on this.

Now, giving the maps away from free is definitely awesome, but charging people with the illusion of "exclusive maps" and then giving them to everyone at no charge is not right.

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