Did Call of Duty’s Popularity Ruin the FPS Genre this Generation?

GOS: "Don Mitchell and Charles King come together to share their opinions on why they believe the Call of Duty franchise caused gamers to ignore the truly unique titles in the First Person genre."

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Nate-Dog2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

It's arguable, I mean the success of CoD4 really changed the FPS scene (especially for this gen). Other companies wanted to taste the success of CoD and a large amount of them decided to try and copy it and its style and failed quite miserably, and well really I couldn't care less if they did fail since all they wanted to do was make a half-assed copy of another game rather than try to make something different.

I dislike CoD and the success it has because it never changes, but of the other developers that have the opportunities and ideas to be innovative and try something different but just try and make a rehash of CoD they tripped themselves up.

Of course there are also those companies that do make the effort to try and make something different and end up being shunned in the monster releases of CoD which end up blowing away almost everything in its path and that releases around it. I think it's a bit of a double-edged sword really. The popularity of FPSs in general this gen has led to companies trying to cash in on that popularity and success of other FPS brands which has led to a decrease in innovation, mostly myself I think CoD's success and popularity has been more damaging for the rest of the industry rather than the FPS industry since FPS games are all people seem to want now, meaning we get less of other games and they seem to be left out of the spotlight.

(Sorry for the mini essay.)

r1sh122274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I say its a bit of both, COD4 showed that great multiplayer is possible and that many many people will play such games...MW2 made it worse because it was clearly an unfinished game with a serious number of glitches.
MW3 though is a fail..If you dont believe me look at the video here:

I mean the graphics are identical so wheres the innovation from the previous game and now?

blumatt2274d ago

CoD 4 was the best CoD game on current-gen consoles. It was just great! No ridiculous perks like in MW2. The perks it did have seemed well-balanced. The maps were great. The gameplay was tight. The guns were for the most part, balanced (some issues, but mostly balanced).

Call of Duty needs to go to a 2-year release schedule. Have just one game every other year. Activision needs to let the developers have 2 years to get the game right, rid it of most of the glitches before it hits our consoles, and innovate and make it seem like it's worth another 60 bucks, not just copy-and-paste from the previous game with another over-the-top ridiculous Michael Bay, blockbuster single player story and a multiplayer full of perks and killstreak rewards that reward lone-wolf style gameplay and grenade-spamming and noob-toobing all the time. Ok, rant over.

BTW, I'll probably still end up buying MW3 but that's just because I want to play with everyone. I still quite despise the franchise as of late.

SOD_Delta2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

@ blumatt every CoD does have two year dev time -_-

blumatt2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Well, I meant just have one CoD game every two years. I understand that the devs have two years to make each game, BUT I'd rather just see one CoD game every two years. And dlc in the mean time. Thats all people care about anyway, is the multiplayer. We could literally still be playing CoD4 to this day, had they kept on releasing new map packs every few months.

moeqawama2274d ago

I seem to miss your logic in the game being a fail based on graphics... First, it's not even out yet. And second, since when the hell did graphics become innovation? I mean, yeah, their engine is showing its age big time...but COD, when it was innovative, was because of the the gameplay and changes it made to the FPS scene, not its graphics

SOD_Delta2274d ago

@ blumatt why should they? I mean if people like me and you who are willing to purchase CoD every year for 60+$ . Why shouldn't activision release a CoD every year? It's more money in their pocket. I'm speaking from a business point. Until people like us stop buying CoD every year it will just keep coming and coming and coming year after year.

SixZeroFour2274d ago

it wasnt CoD's popularity that ruined the genre, it was activision taking advantage of that popularity and its fanbase that ruined the genre

maniacmayhem2274d ago

you know i read posts about CoD all the time and it amazes me that most posters throw this buzz word around "innovative".

What exactly can CoD "innovate"? Have they not changed the way FPS's are done already?

I have to ask the other posters above who use this word, how can CoD be innovative?

And moeqawma is right, better graphics is NOT innovation.

r1sh122274d ago

Innovate - Make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

So the word fits, but I guess I could have used improve the graphics. Check the link I posted about graphics. There is no change

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PirateThom2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I think it ruined this entire generation for some developers, not just FPS games.

Don't get me wrong, Modern Warfare was a good game and well deserving of the praise it got. However, when you have those sales, something has got to give. You have so many modern military shooters all doing the same thing, it all blends into one game.

However, worse than that, other developers, who aren't making FPS games, are trying to capture the CoD market. Needlessly adding in online or changing gameplay entirely to make it appealing to that audience.


Pixel_Enemy2274d ago

Yeah it is also ruining the way people play FPS games. Many people won't buy a FPS unless it is COD and when they do, they play it like it is COD. Run and gun, every man for himself, KDR is more important than teamwork or objectives. I really wish COD didn't set the bar for what a shooter is supposed to be in order to achieve sales and be welcomed by the community.

Games like Killzone, Battlefield, MAG and so on are amazing team based games that fall by the wayside for no good reason.

gypsygib2274d ago

COD4 was amazing at the time but the series never improved, that's my only problem with COD, I'm bored with the MP and the horrible AI.

Battlefield and Killzone do pretty well.

CharlesDCI2275d ago

@Nate-Dog and PirateThom

Great replies..

lugia 40002275d ago

COD4 did it amazingly well. Fans keep hoping for a better game every year, with lots of promises and hyped up trailers, but they don't.

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