Gears of War 3 Double XP Announced

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Rod Fergusson has just announced that there will be double XP on Gears of War 3 for the next two weeks. This is due to the release of the new Horde Command Pack. So get out there and rank up those levels so you can get the newest unlocks!

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MultiConsoleGamer2334d ago

Call of Duty, Gears of War 3, Red Dead Redemption... it seems like everyone it doing these bonus XP promotions.

sublIME2s2334d ago

Good! Epic has been doing an awesome job lately. Kudos for their staff. Can't wait

StanLee2334d ago

Yeah. The multiplayer support for Gears of War 3 has been phenomenal. They've really tried to make amends for the mistakes they made with Gears of War 2's launch.

Noticeably_FAT2334d ago

Sweet! Already a level 65, maybe this will get me closer to 100.