RoboAwesome's Fate/Extra | Review (PSP)

"Fate/Extra is one of those games that, purely based on the facts of A) it existing with an official (and exemplary) English localization and B) I am a huge fan of the franchise this game stems from, is awesome. Fate/Extra is the second game to make it to the states based on the classic Japanese visual novel known as Fate/Stay Night, which, while not officially existing over here, the visual novel spawned a decent anime adaptation that cemented enough popularity in the United States. The previous game, Fate/Unlimited Codes, was a digital-only PSP fighting game published by fighter favorite Capcom. This time, the genre of choice is dungeon-crawling RPG and Aksys Games has stepped up to the plate with enough balls to go all out with a physical retail release, complete with limited editions packed with goodies. November 1st, 2011 is a good day to be a fan of obscure Japanese things. Brief history lesson aside, the real issue is of course whether or not Aksys has taken a risk on a quality product. Is that the case? Sure! If you’re a fan. Outside onlookers will perceive the game with a look comparable to the one your dog gives you when it doesn’t understand what the hell the cutesy gibberish your girlfriend affectionately yells at it. That’s okay though, because Fate/Extra isn’t for them. Fanboys rejoice: this game is a blast."

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Moduserous2448d ago

Weird title for a game... we should start localizing games from the US to Japan with alternative titles like "Scrotal Sack" (a.k.a. Halo in the States).