Uncharted 3 Mystery Weapons & Torso Vouchers dlc Revealed

Paul Fierce at reveals what the Mystery Torso and Weapon Vouchers given away for Uncharted 3 are. These vouchers were given away at different events over the last year and a half.

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twin_rotary2268d ago

Sweet, was wondering what these looked like!

deadpoole2268d ago

I swear to god ... one game ... and I mean One game ... Im enjoyin playin Single Player Campaign

TheBlackMask2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


How is this's not like everyone was able to attend these events. I know in logical terms everyone COULD because it's wasn't restricted to a certain group of people but I mean in terms where people are living in the opposite end of the world making it impossible for them to be there. Like E3 for example, people who live around in that area it's a dream come true but for people living in the UK for example theres no chance.

Anyway I thought ND said they wern't a fan of exclusive DLC.

They should of given exclusive codes in differen't ways for people living in other counties a chance to get them.

oly1kenobi2268d ago

I'm sure they will release them all eventually.