"Quite a lot of changes" made to Back to Karkand's Wake Island

@XG247: So then, Battlefield 3 finally made it out and it's only gone and shipped 5 million. So it's probably a good thing that they've decided to release a follow up expansion pack entitled 'Back to Karkand'.

The expansion pack contains 4 maps, which are all re-imagined Battlefield favourites, a handful of new weapons and even a sweet topping air-combat action.

SO. When we asked Patrick Bach about the upcoming expansion pack for Battlefield 3 we asked about the classic map Wake Island (which is included), he told us how it's changed.

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SJPFTW2427d ago

feeling that they made it more "urban" or made it more barren and war torn with craters everywhere. Like they said they wanted the maps to tell a story, not just copy and paste

marioPSUC2427d ago

As long as the maps arent drastically changed im fine, visual improvements and making them look like they'd be a modern war setting are perfectly fine
Cant wait to play some good old classic BF maps

red2tango2427d ago

I'm tired of Wake Island. It was never a great map.

Pandamobile2427d ago

Then don't play it. It's pretty much obligatory that every Battlefield game needs its own rendition of that legendary map.