Review: Dark Souls (SideQuesting) - Dark Souls will never hold your hand. It won’t help you unwind after a hard day’s work and it might not always leave you feeling pleased with how you spent your time playing it. However, it offers an experience like few other games these days. It wrapped its unreality around me and rarely allowed me to remember that it couldn’t possibly be real in a way few games have made me feel since I was young. Dark Souls may not be perfect, but it is perfectly transportive. And that is exactly what a video game should be.

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DaTruth2423d ago

Spent hours farming Blue Titanite from Crystal Golems against my will! Kept getting killed on the way to Seath. Got to the point where I just started running past everything and after all that dieing, I killed Seath on my second try and got the Moonlight Sword too!

The amount of times I plummeted to my death for that Blue Titanite Slab!

Tanir2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

lol!!! dude, i just did that last night, I got the slab pretty easy though, just used the prism pebbles to see if i could fall. then signs were around haha.

and to get to seathe was easy once you saw the signs aswell.

but those big crystal golems >_> yeah after the first time i died from falling i just ran past them all, you dont have to fight anything, not even the clams to get to seathe, the tale thing was a tiny bit tricky though,

i have that slab and a buncha blue chunks, wonder what to do with them, they are for magic weapons right?

DaTruth2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

You can get the trophy for full Enchanted weapon or full Magic weapon! They're also pretty good weapons, but I rely heavily on my Ascended Pyromancy flame and full Lightning spear!

Go back to where you first fought Seath and you will find a Large Magic Ember and Crazy Big Hat Logan if you bought everything from him! If Crazy Logan isn't there, go find him in the library(he won't recognize you anymore), then exit the game and go back to Seath's attic.

It's possible after you kill Crazy Logan, his robes will be back in the library, but I forgot to check!

BlackTar1872423d ago

Just remember minor spoiler

On the road to kill the last boss there are 5 black knights that keep respawing every time you kill 1 you get a CHUNK

2 titanie Chunks 1 Red and 2 Blue i believe so no need to hunt anything other then slabs.

Also there is a Demon in the lava place right before boss on a bridge that always re spawns and drops Demon titanite if your character is like mine he is a bit of a pain in the ass. He is the missing one leg thing

Tex1172423d ago

When do you officially have to talk to Logan to get Crystal homing soul mass before he goes crazy?