Rockstar, GTA V Better Not Include…

…Mobile Phones! With the first trailer for GTA V being released tomorrow, PSLS takes a look at some of the annoying features of Grand Theft Auto IV that held back the entire experience. - PSLS


Updated with GTAV trailer

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Sev2301d ago

Oh man, I hated the cell phone. Drove me nuts. That's the main reason I didn't like GTAIV.

doctorstrange2301d ago

Such an unnecessary and annoying addition to the franchise. I don't understand why they implemented it.

Perjoss2301d ago

Could be cool if they allowed you to turn it off or to silent, and then when you feel like hanging around with 'friends' you can turn it back on.

ReservoirDog3162301d ago

@ above

They do. Turn the phone to silent. Done.

doctorstrange2301d ago

You still get a visual cue when the phone rings. You're still being called.

NEW-AGE2301d ago

It was weird just when you had 2 stars a cop would spawn out of nowhere and blast you to death with a shotgun, then when you put up yur telephone to put in the life cheat you'd get grazed by a cops hand gun and then have to bring the phone back up, I HATED it

inveni02300d ago

I think getting rid of relationships is a good idea, too. It's not enough that I risked my life saving that Jamaican, but now I have to play pool with him while in the middle of a mission, too? Don't these people realize that I'm busy? Totally stupid.

raWfodog2300d ago

The cellphone itself can stay, actually make it a smartphone. Just stop with the 'hangout' calls and the penalties for refusing. That's all.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2300d ago

Perjoss, ReservoirDog, and DrStrange.
The phone has a sleep mode that would stop all incoming calls. It would also stop the story from progressing. You wouldn't be able to get the call from Roman's girlfriend that he'd been kidnapped, for example. But once the story was done, you don't need the phone anymore. Hit the sleep mode. No more calls from Brucie or Roman or Packie or Little Jacob. Problem solved, now go get those assassinations done.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Fark! Double post!

RedDevils2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I missed those buttons cheat, I hate that I have to go to the stupid phone to do a life heath/armor cheat by the time I reach to that I already got Kill by those cop lol

Dee_912300d ago

wasnt cell phones in Vice city and san andreas ?
i like cell phones because you can enter saved cheats on the go

Anon19742300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I agree. I really didn't start enjoying the game until I turned the phone off and started ignoring all the irritating "We never hang out," calls. Once I just focused on the main plot I really found I enjoyed the last game.

Still, and I know I'm in the minority here, huge improvement over GTA: San Andreas. First GTA game since 3 I couldn't be bothered to finish. I found nothing involving about the characters or plot in SA, and the gang turf wars were just as annoying as the constant cell phone rings. Oh no, territory under attack. Drop what you're doing! Mindless story, if you ask me. Pales in comparison to what they did with GTA 4.

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Wenis2301d ago


waltyftm2301d ago

And see some titties !!!

Convas2301d ago


Roman, NO! I'm 18 minutes into a 6 star tiff against the LCPD!

T3mpr1x2301d ago

Using it to enter cheats was the worst!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2300d ago

Yeah. But you only had to enter it once. After that it was stored in a menu near the bottom.

ReservoirDog3162301d ago

Don't get why people where so against them to begin with. I always loved getting calls from my friends and even then I rarely got calls since I called everybody so much.

I ate with Roman everyday because the dialogue between them was so unbelievably well written. So I basically called them before they called me. And after just about every mission you can call Roman and they'll discuss the stuff he just did. Like after the kidnapping mission and the bank one and everything. Te phone added another dimension to the game.

But I actually enjoyed the characters and the writing.

stormeagle62301d ago

Yeah I never had a real problem with them either.

MRMagoo1232301d ago

sounds like to me you guys maybe dont have any RL friends and needed the ones in the game.

ReservoirDog3162300d ago

@ above

Haha, or I enjoy good writing because I'm a writer.

Either works 8]

lMHl2301d ago

You need to be able to pimp out your ride

Cenobia2300d ago

And instead of billiards and darts, they should let you rob banks and stuff like that.

I hated that the best mission in the game was a bank robbery that happens only once. I wanted to be able to do stuff like that all the time. It'd be awesome if they had seamless co-op for planning a robbery and pulling it off.

They could easily give the main character motivation for stealing by starting a tutorial level with him as a little kid stealing food to survive. Then even when he's a gangster earning millions at the end of the game he could still be psychologically motivated to steal because he's afraid of ever starving again. That way the player is still sympathetic for him when we're robbing and killing people.

I really hated the end of the last game because they make you make a choice based on money or revenge. I chose revenge because I had like a million dollars with nothing to spend it on, and I got the worst ending ever. Not to mention the speed boat part was glitched because I had to do it 50 times before it actually worked. Talk about killing momentum.

Kahvipannu2300d ago

"Nico, wanna go bowling?"
"Not right now, I have way better things to do"
"Well **** you, your not my friend anymore"

They really dropped the ball with that one.

Tommykrem2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I thought the addition of cell phones was very clever, and was very well implemented in the game. But I agree that "Hey Niko, wanna go bowling?" got really tiring.

No Roman. No I do not.

Yeah, exactly

Yodagamer2300d ago

hopefully if they do something like that, i hope they do a pda, like in chinatown wars, where you could use it whenever you wanted, but it wasn't really that annoying when you didn't use it

FACTUAL evidence2300d ago

Man they better give the next guy a blu-tooth headset...

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doctorstrange2301d ago

You'll you an iPad instead.

Liquid_Ocelot2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )


Android for me, please:)

koh2301d ago

You know how I know you watch a lot of porn? haha
kidding, kind've

ftwrthtx2301d ago

Couldn't stand the cell phones either

thereapersson2301d ago

I hope that they implement driving physics that are actually fun to play with. Maybe they can take a cue from Driver: San Francisco?

vortis2301d ago

How about a cue from Forza or Gran Turismo?

I would love having some weight to the vehicles for once. You hit a curb in GTA IV and your car would flip like faster than a movie star being photographed by the paparazzi while getting an enema on the Santa Monica pier.

SnakeCQC2301d ago

hope they take a cue from need for speed hot pursuit along with the customisation of san andreas but expanded

Cenobia2300d ago

I actually liked the driving. It took some time to master but I thought it felt pretty real. I loved drifting around corners and every car felt different (some of them felt extremely heavy).

I guess they got floaty in the air, but that didn't bother me too much since it could lead to some crazy results.

KILLERAPP2301d ago

I guest I was the minority and actually like GTA 4 and the cell phone and text's...

BlmThug2301d ago

The thing that annoyed me was cheats. I i got shot the phone closes automatically

HappyGaming2300d ago

Run to a car drive fast then enter cheat!! Or run for cover!!! If anything it kept the game a bit more exiting instead of just entering health cheats continuesly as you walk past 4 police officers with shotguns :/