India's Playstation Experience in Mumbai Report

The Angry Pixel writes: "Whoever said Microsoft was the only one serious about hosting game events to promote their flagship console baby, should check out Sameer's excellent hand-ons report on Sony's Playstation Experience in Mumbai - which includes dozens of pictures and even some shaky-cam style video clips. My one and only favorite! Man, now I wanna see one of these in Delhi too. But they better not make me have to sit in those retardedly small go-karts, or have me sit on the floor to play a bunch of friggin' shooters. And would've it killed the event organizers to throw in extra controller for the games that had support for it? Make it so, Sony, make it so!"

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killer_trap3921d ago

the latest population figure of india is above a billion. now if only %1 of them bought a ps3 then that would make.........ahhhhh a million a guess. not bad

eagle213921d ago

this was reported in an earlier article on yesterday (the article was titled about the 40GB in India or something). Playstation will easily demonstrate it's global brand in international markets and continuing it's strong presence in North America. Just a short time before it's all working in sync.